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Especially when looking at some of the other products on the market that promise to help with hair growth, Nexxus VitaTress is reasonably priced. Considering that most products for thinning, fragile, or fine hair deal with topical applications, it is nice to see a supplement that takes the route of treating the problem internally. As a nutritious dietary supplement, it promises to deliver what is necessary for healthy hair, including Methionine, Inositol, Choline, Biotin, and B-Complex Vitamins.

Does it work?
There is no denying that it works for those people who have problems with hair breakage or thinning hair. Even after changing nothing else (including diet) it seems that the product helps with growing, strengthening, nourishing, and thickening the hair. It certainly seems to speed up the process of hair growth and the supplements seems to nourish the hair.

Recommended dosage
The recommended dosage with, Nexxus VitaTress is to take 1 to 3 pills daily, preferably taken with a meal. Because customers have noticed a difference with just one pill every day, it is highly recommended that you start with a single pill in order to see how your hair reacts to it (this way you can save yourself some money in the process)

How long does an order last?
Again, this depends on how much you take every day. It is recommended that you take 1-3 pills during a meal. Considering that there are 90 tablets in one bottle, it means that on average, you have a little more than a month’s supply with a single bottle. This should be long enough (especially at three pills each day) to see whether the product works for your hair.

When doing research on the ingredients, Methionine, Inositol, Choline, Biotin, and B-Complex Vitamins – you will see that most of them are either transmitters or essential amino acids. This would certainly back up their claim that it helps the hair grow by nourishing you internally. Even though many of these are natural compounds in the body, getting enough of them would require us to spend a lot of time in the sun and eating plenty of fruits and vegetables.

Any negatives?
There should be no potential side effects when it comes to taking this supplement. However it warrants mentioning that some customers that bought the product received outdated products. This meant that the expiration date had already passed by the time they received their order. While we do not foresee this being a common problem (and many other happy customers would attest to this not being a problem for many people at all) it is something that warrants mentioning when talking in full disclosure.

Overall Thoughts
It is not surprising that a good supplement could make a difference considering that our hair is primarily composed of protein. This means that if there are certain things lacking in our body or our diet, supplementing them otherwise might be a good idea. If someone is currently bald, they should not expect to look like an 80’s hair band lead singer two weeks after taking Nexxus VitaTress, but it certainly does provide a healthy boost to your hair. It comes highly recommended.

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